What future after digitization?
What will be left of the sensitive world?

Conference, San Rocco auditorium
Thursday, May 18, Friday, May 19, Saturday, May 20 (see following pages)

Collectibles Fair and Exchange Foro Annonario
Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 2023

AWARD «  »The Muta »: a very personal story.
See contest rules at

Vernissage for first-timers Wednesday, May 17

CONCERT (pending): Phoenix Theater, Saturday, May 21

Film screenings

Exhibitions : 19th century

In collaboration with the Daguerrian Society of America
Fear of the reflection: worried looks and signs of discomfort in daguerreotype portraits
Exhibition-playground, Palazzetto Baviera, main floor, printed catalog

With Daniel Blau Gallery
Survey: why is the round format so rare in the history of photography?
Exhibition, paper catalog publication. Palazzetto Baviera exhibition, main floor

As part of the Erasmus program
Investigation of a day in the life of Charles Baudelaire.
« Was this all he was?  Exhibition-reconstruction of a visit to photographer Carjat. Publication of a small book, collection of mortised notebooks.

Exhibitions 20th/21st century

In collaboration with the Musee des Beaux-Arts de B.:
Solange Brand, The Red Walkers of the Cultural Revolution, China, 1966-1967
Lecture by the artist. Exhibition Palazzetto Baviera, main floor and Antonelliana Library, Foro Annonario. Publication of a limporello waterfall, serpentine anopistography.

With the Fondacion Flavio Damm, Brazil
Flavio Damm, images of Brazil, 1955-1975
Exhibition curator Zaven Pare

Denis Freppel, The Ephemeral Architecture of Los Angeles,
Exhibition of photographs of architecture that has already disappeared in a not quite settled society in the far west 

Under the supervision of the City of Senigallia
Contemporary Italian PHOTOGRAPHERS
Duke’s Palace

Under the supervision of the Superintendence of Fine Arts
Contemporary Italian PHOTOGRAPHERS
Rocca Roveresca, piano nobileTematico

With Circus Romanès and the Library of Jesi.
Vestiges of a photographic tale: the gypsies
Gypsies burned their archives, but there are rare ancient documents. Traveling exhibition of photographs, display at the Jesi Library of Album XXX 

Featuring the Yoskowitz Collection – New York, the Zaven Paré Collection – Rio de Janeiro, the Lugosi Collection – Paris 
Lost photos, found photos, treasures of collectors great and small
Three collectors speak to the public. Palazzetto Baviera exhibition, main floor

In collaboration with the Polytechnique de Hauts-de-France
Raw Photography. And in particular experimenting with the vernacular mineral. Exercises in detour of photographic archives.
Exhibition of student works, printed catalog with an essay by Nicolas Devigne

Exhibition organized by Studio Zelig

Emanuele Jane morelli: ancient doors and portals of the metaverse.
Rocca Roveresca fortress, rustic part

Translated with DeepL